These Accessories are important for every Indian Women

Accessorising is a big part of Indian culture since ancient times and it has been documented as ‘Solah Shringar’ in the scriptures. Solah Shringar expatiates sixteen head to toe Indian accessories for women, which includes makeup, for beautification. This means long before Estee Lauder, Olay and Lancôme could boast of making women across the world beautiful, Indian women had their own formula for radiant beauty.

With changing times, the hectic life of a modern woman does not permit her the luxury of going through the solah shringar ritual on a daily basis. Elaborately decorated Indian accessories for women like the head gears and waist belts will also look absurd with her modern outfit. However, we can have a shortened version of adornment to suit today’s Indian woman.  No matter how highly pressed for time she is, looking good is a priority on any woman’s wish list.

So let’s cut short the sixteen embellishments to five, and here’s our version of five must have Indian accessories for women. The modern day ‘Panch Shringar’ (five adornments) that a woman cannot be seen without-

Stunning Earrings

Indian women love their earrings and it is a common practice in Indian culture to get a baby girl’s ears pierced at a tender age. An Indian woman without pierced ears would be rare species. So, earrings definitely top the must have list of Indian accessories for women.

Earrings can range from simple chic to highly traditional highlight versions. From a special occasion scenario to workplace and day to day errands, a good pair of earrings will always upgrade the look.

Studs or small hoops are great choices for office wear. Here are some striking earrings to enhance the daily look-

Small Stud Earrings I 5 Must Have Indian Accessories for Women

Minimal white stone or pearl earrings are classic pieces of Indian accessories for women, which can be adopted for an arresting look.

Statement earrings will never go unnoticed and can be displayed for a more festive look. Such earrings will add instant glamour to an outfit. Emphatic earrings that reflect nuances from the outfit can work wonders to create a harmonious appeal.

Festive Earrings I 5 Must Have Indian Accessories for Women

Accenting Scarf or Stole

Indian attires celebrate fluidity and even structured Indian outfits like salwar suits add the drape effect through dupattas or stoles. Scarves, which are smaller variations of stoles, can be added to any outfit for an interesting effect.

Scarves or stoles can enhance the formal look of professional outfits and add the celebratory look with embellishments for party wear. A scarf can also become a hair accessory on a whim and a pretty stole can rescue you from unpredictable weather moods, like when it gets too sunny or a bit chilly.

The magical transformation lent to an outfit by scarves and stoles makes them essential Indian accessories for women. Printed, embellished or woven, you definitely need one.

Trendy phulkari and printed scarves I 5 Must Have Indian Accessories for Women

Accessorising with shawls I 5 Must Have Indian Accessories for Women

Reliable Clutches and Handbags

A modern woman who is out and about, needs an accessory that will engulf her savvy smartphone, essential makeup, wipes and all the knick knacks a woman cannot do without. While being practical this accessory would be indispensible, if it adds style factor as well to the overall look.

An evening wear look can be elevated with a clutch and a fashionable bag will do the trick during the day. An oversized laptop bag or a casual unstructured bag will look very chic when you are sporting a professional or a casual look respectively. Here are some great must have bags and clutches-

Clutches and Bags I 5 Must Have Accessories for Indian Women

A timeless to go bag is a fashion life saver for any woman on the run. Be a proud owner of such a bag which will be in style for years to come.

Classic ladies handbags I 5 Must Have Indian Accessories for Women

The Quick-fix Lipstick

Lipstick is a quick way of adding some colour to your face and the fastest makeup rescue. The timeless shades of lipsticks like nudes, pinks, plums and reds can never fail to deliver an impeccable look. Always have the perfect classic shade that suits your skin tone in that stylish bag for an instant makeover.

Lipsticks I 5 Must Have Indian Accessories for Women

Classic Shoes

Heeled sandals are certainly must have Indian accessories for women. They work well with Indian and western attires.

For closed toe looks, pumps and ballet flats in classic colours like black and nude can be exhibited. These versatile footwears  can be paired perfectly with most of the inhabitants of your wardrobe.

While choosing shoes it is important to pay attention to the comfort factor. Also choose the heel lengths according to your comfort level. If you are relaxed in your shoes, you can really go places (no pun intended).

Classic Shoes I 5 Must Have Indian Accessories for Women

Whether you are a stylish diva or an antithesis to fashion, I bet that you already own these must have Indian accessories for women in your wardrobe or dresser. If you are missing something then it’s time you get one as it would be blasphemous to not have these essential Indian accessories for women. On the other hand, if you have a stockpile of the indispensible Indian accessories for women, there is always scope for an upgrade!

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